What does it really look like to give a wholehearted "yes" to God?

I’ll tell you…it’s nothing like the cut-and-dried, life plans and professional goals that you currently have written in your journal. 

I remember when God gave me the vision for “Purpose Potential.” It was Fall 2015. Married just a little over a year. No Austin. Not yet in full-time entrepreneurship. Just beginning to bud in my career. I wrote down those words because I knew it was God speaking. What I didn’t know is what it would cost me to see the vision fulfilled. 

Over the past six years, I’ve seen the highest highs and the lowest lows of my entire life, personally and professionally. The vision for the Purpose Potential Mentorship Program came to me in 2017 in the thick of it all. I thought that I was to launch it the following year, but the vision is yet for an appointed time. God was still processing me, doing a work in me and through me. 

Today, God has given me the green light and an urgency to impart the lessons and wisdom that I’ve acquired over the past decade in discovering and aligning with purpose as well as achieving competitive edge in my professional career. I am a living testament that you don’t have to compromise in your relationship with God to achieve your best life. When you allow God to build you from the inside out, the result will be a life greater than anything you could’ve conjured up on your own.

I’ll refrain from listing a ton of professional accolades here, so as not to distract from my intent. I’m confident that if you’ve made it to this page, you’ve already been privy to, and perhaps intrigued by, my journey. I know that your desire to experience uncompromising professional success while fulfilling God’s plan for your life is one of the reasons that led you here.

I invite you to share space with me for three months, beginning in January 2022, as I walk you through the process of coming into your truest, most authentic self and how to gracefully display that for God’s glory. I submit to the Holy Spirit’s guidance as I pour into you to do my part to help you become all that God created you to be.

Is Purpose Potential Mentorship for you?

There is a grace on my life to help God’s chosen vessels that are called to the marketplace to become the standard and the undeniable choice in their industries. This three-month, virtual group mentoring experience was created for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders that desire to achieve competitive edge by God design.

This program is a good fit for you if:

You wholeheartedly desire to please God with your life, and it is your ultimate goal.

You are purpose-minded, yet unclear about how you should be showing up in your purpose.

You struggle with presenting your authentic self to the world and find yourself conforming to the molds of those that you admire.

You struggle with finding your voice and conveying who you are and what you do in a way that makes sense to others, so you avoid showing up.

Life is lifin', and you need strategies and perspective on how to persevere.

You're slow in obedience to God and stuck in cycles.

Your have plateaued in your professional growth, but you know that you have the potential to achieve much more.

You are stuck in the realm of average and desire to become excellent.

You want to become known as a person of substance and value, and to learn how to make impact a lifestyle.

You desire to seamlessly integrate your purpose and profession, so that you can experience great fulfillment in your work.

You have learned tons of new information from empowerment events, business conferences, and courses, but need strategies for life application.

You are everyone's cheerleader and wondering when it will be your turn.

Your current relationships and circles don't feed the future you.

The Purpose Potential Mentorship Program includes three months of support:

Bi-monthly, virtual group mentoring sessions (total of six)

Access to private Facebook group for communal conversations and accountability

Actionable strategies and solutions to create forward momentum

And more

What Former Program Participants Are Saying

“I’m just feeling grateful. This has been one of the best investments that I’ve made in my lifetime. It’s such a mindset shift as this program is challenging me to show up big and allow the Holy Spirit to kick down doors, many of which I have closed. I just feel like I’m meeting God all over again. Socks knocked off! I’m glad that this group is happening at this time. I needed a group versus 1:1. I need the community.” 

 “I am overwhelmed with excitement and finally feeling like I’m on the right path in my branding. The call was powerful and even brought me to tears at one point. God has a way of confirming His word, and He definitely did that and more while using Aaja as His vessel. This experience is so special, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us.” 

 “I absolutely feel that this program has been more than I expected. It has been thought-provoking and forced me to stimulate what was in there all the time. It made me, and is making me, take a real holistic look at my business…my mission. I have been forced out of my comfort. I’m doing things on the backend and learning the bones of my business, all while getting served Holy Spirit. I love it here.” 

 “I am constantly learning on each call. You’ve gently forced us to lay a strong foundation, and for me, that’s huge because I’ll start the foundation and just go for it. This is making me take my time, so that when it’s go time, I’m beyond ready and the undeniable choice! You’re incredible as well as this program. It was worth every penny of the investment.” 

 “Thank you for imparting your wisdom and constantly dropping nuggets. I am forever grateful for your obedience to God; and I am so much more confident in presenting myself as God’s ambassador and mouthpiece. You are amazing at what you do. I am glad that I can be a recipient of the knowledge that God has given you to assist in making us the undeniable choice.” 

 “It was such an amazing program, and I’m glad I was able to be a part of it. You really helped to pull me out of avoiding my gift and helped me to face it head on. I feel very confident about the work that we’ve done together and better equipped for the work that is ahead.”

What can be your reality on the other side of this mentoring experience?

Better aligned with your God-given purpose

Operating with divine clarity around your calling, message, function, and true audience

Increased levels of understanding around the purpose journey as well as how to navigate and win in your current season

Showing up consistently, fully, and with great impact in the spaces that you occupy daily

More aware of your "it" factor and identity in Christ

Using your voice and platforms to confidently share your God-inspired message

Knowledge and fresh ideas on how to package and monetize your God-given gifts

New connections with powerful, like-minded, purpose-driven individuals like yourself

Note: This mentorship program is more about being than tactical branding. The material centers on the aspects of personal development that cause you to have competitive advantage and sustained professional success. 

The mentorship experience will uncover the connection between life's purpose and marketplace success, and train you to be the person that can handle the weight of elevation.

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Aaja Corinne Magee is a Chicago-based branding strategist, messaging specialist, and speaker helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders to become the undeniable choice. She specializes in the art of communication, partnering with clients to bring synergy to their purpose and profession, raise their profile, and increase their influence, so that they are positioned to create impact on a greater scale.