Are you willing to align fully to your God-given purpose? Then, being the undeniable choice is available to you.

In fact, it's like a reserved parking space right in front of the building. It has your name on it. No one else can park there. You just have to find your way to it.

Everyone has a "somewhere," where they will experience their greatest successes, impact, and financial prosperity. Your somewhere can be found at the intersection called "divine alignment."

Alignment is a daily goal. Every day, you inch a little bit closer to where you're supposed to be. You'll see some signs along the way that indicate you're headed in the right direction or that caution you to take another route. You'll even take some unexpected detours, but when the Holy Spirit is your GPS, you'll arrive to your destination right on schedule.

My journey has been unorthodox:

-From $4/hour plus commission retail sales employee to six-figure branding strategist and messaging consultant

-From attending speech therapy sessions in my youth to an international speaking platform as an adult

-From being a woman of faith who had never considered her own purpose to supporting entrepreneurs and leaders day in and day out in bringing synergy to their purpose and profession, and filling up their God mold

These are just some of the noteworthy ways that I've taken shape. And in the process of becoming, I've learned key lessons on how-to become the undeniable choice.

This virtual masterclass series is an impartation from me to you. Let's tap into your gold mine.

The Undeniable Choice Masterclass Series is a collection of four virtual masterclasses designed to support the purpose-driven, entrepreneurial leader in becoming a respected authority in their lane of expertise as well as their industry's undeniable choice.

How-to Find Your People 

During this brand messaging session, we explore audience attraction from the vantage point of internal reflection. You'll learn the ins and outs of movements and cultural transformation as a parallel to building community through thought leadership and attracting the "right" people, those that you are most equipped to serve.

How-to Get the "Yes"

In this brand messaging session, you'll learn how-to uncover your marketplace value, and leverage it, to obtain and create ideal opportunities. You'll also learn strategies to market and "sell" yourself effectively to support you in securing the bag.

How-to Gain Credibility

This session explores a must-have element for entrepreneurs that want to be considered for high-level opportunities and command premium rates...credibility! We'll walk through the various aspects of building brand authority that will raise your marketplace equity and solidify your status as the undeniable choice.

How-to Build a Holy Spirit-Led Business

During this session, we explore the essence of the Kingdom entrepreneur as well as key concepts for keeping business efforts in sync with God's agenda, including creating an environment for you to thrive, flowing with God, and living in the realm of revelation.

Is The Undeniable Choice Masterclass Series for you?

This masterclass series is for you if:

You want to make impact a lifestyle and become known as a person of substance and value.

You've been overlooked, unfulfilled, underbooked and underpaid.

Your passion for purpose is at an all-time high, but your main focus is not purpose because you haven't yet cracked the code on how-to make a living from your gifts.

You struggle with presenting your authentic self to the world and find yourself conforming to the molds of those that you admire.

You struggle with finding your voice and haven't found the right words to convey who you are and what you do in a way that makes sense to others, so you avoid showing up. 

You feel like you're attracting the wrong customers and clients.

You're not sure what steps to take to build your following and grow your influence.

You're stuck in the realm of average and desire to become excellent.

Life is lifin', and you need strategies and perspective on how to persevere.

You desire strategic action steps that you can begin implementing immediately. 

You know that what you have to offer the world is needed right now.

Previous Session Attendees Have Said...

Please note: The Undeniable Choice Masterclass Series was recorded live in November 2022. This 4-masterclass bundle includes more than 10 hours of live teaching and Q&A, plus bonus companion PDFs, designed to help you take action on the information presented.

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Aaja Corinne Magee is a Chicago-based branding strategist, messaging specialist, and speaker helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders to become the undeniable choice. She specializes in the art of communication, partnering with clients to bring synergy to their purpose and profession, raise their profile, and increase their influence, so that they are positioned to create impact on a greater scale.